Salvatore Saladino: Country Manager at Dataforce Italia

Linkedin profile of Salvatore Saladino, Country Manager at Dataforce Italia

Saso QuattroruoteSalvatore Saladino, 50 years old, more than 20 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development mainly in the automotive business, Economics & Marketing degree and Communication & Marketing MBA.
At all times, I have been consistent in my performance and motivating people to reach our collective goals has been one of my key strengths. Consequently, I have a proven track record of achieving and surpassing my targets, leading my team to success. In addition, I have been a highly influential and innovative force in introducing the business to new ideas and projects.
Since 2008 I am the Dataforce Italia Country Manager, responsible to develop Dataforce GmbH business in Italy and , since 2013 for 3 years I’ve been the Founder & CEO of BestCarBuyFor my current organisation, my ability and proactivity in networking and building relationships resulted in a 569% increase in revenues in 9 years in a market performing minus 20% during the same time period.
Dataforce is the leading market research firm in the German fleet market business. The mission of the company is to become #1 in Fleet Intelligence providing the automotive industry with intelligence and insight about market segments in order to support their marketing, sales and planning processes with a special focus on fleet. In 9 years’ activity, Dataforce Italia passed from 90K yearly revenues to 1,3 Mio. yearly revenues with an unparalleled growth track.
BestCarBuy was the first automotive sales and communication channel on the web available for free to the official automotive players under a pure pay-per-sale business model launched in Italy, UK, Germany and France.
I covered several positions among automotive manufacturers (Renault, Fiat, Mercedes) dealers and service companies, being Commercial Director, Fleet & Marketing Manager, Sales & After Sales Area Manager, Product Manager. As Fleet Sales Manager for the Mercedes-Benz brand, the sector turnover went over 600 million euros while the special discounts budget directly managed was above 40 million euros per year. Using the same commercial budget, I’ve doubled fleet sales passing from 11.000 registrations to more than 20.000 in three years.
Automotive Market Analyst and Consultant for ilSole24Ore, InterautoNews, Quattroruote, Mission Fleet, ACI and others.
Teacher in the Fleet Academy school, which activities are focussed on the topic of managing fleets and business mobility as a whole and promoter of the Master for Long Term Rental brokers.
Senior Consultant for JW-Consulting: strategic, operational and coaching support all over the automotive business.
Digital enthusiast: coordination of web production teams under the SCRUM method. Good Google Analytics skills. Good knowledge of SEO-SEM optimisation strategies and social marketing tools. Excellent knowledge and use of the Office package (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point).
Hobbies: agonistic car and motorcycle racing and safety driving school instructor for the most important Italian schools.

Key Skills

  • Advanced negotiation skills and experience dealing with big customers, including all automotive manufacturers and importers, leasing and rental companies, big fleets
  • Ability to build a company from scratch and to manage start-up growth
  • Excellent account management, always resulting in double or triple digits growth
  • Extensive experience allocating and managing six-figure budgets
  • Highly adaptable in dealing with organisational change, new plans, new strategies
  • Excellent management and team development skills

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